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Data Done Right for AIOps With Robotic Data Automation (RDA)

"If AIOps is not given the right data, you will get garbage results. Fix the AIOps data pipeline first to get meaningful results."

Andy Thurai
Principal Analyst, The Field CTO

This e-book highlights the importance of AIOps and the need to automate the DataOps and MLOps aspects of AIOps with a new paradigm called Robotic Data Automation (RDA) for achieving higher success rate and improved ROI.

Robotic data automation (RDA) helps organizations realize value from data faster by simplifying and automating repetitive data integration, preparation and transformation activities using low-code workflows and data bots, including AI/ML-bots.

In this eBook, we will discuss the following topics:
  1. Why AI/ML projects fail
  2. Key data challenges
  3. What RDA is
  4. How RDA helps address data problems
  5. How RDA accelerates AIOps
  6. Use cases and business value
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